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Volume XXII: Book 3

State Sovereign Immunity and Intellectual Property Revisited (Download PDF)

Comparative Advertising in Argentine Law (Download PDF)

Tweet Me Fairly: Finding Attribution Rights Through Fair Use in the Twittersphere (Download PDF)

Volume XXII: Book 2

The Myth of Generic Pharmaceutical Competition Under the Hatch-Waxman Act (Download PDF)

The Indecency of Indecency: How Technology Affects the Constitutionality of Content-Based Broadcast Regulation (Download PDF)

Moral Rights of Composers: The Protection of Attribution and Integrity Available to Musicians in the European Union and the United States (Download PDF): MUY BUENO, find compara el derecho moral de autor en USA y Europa cutando casos con los mismos hechos y las mismas partes, mycoplasmosis con resultados contradictorios.

“Who Could Possibly be Against a Treaty for the Blind?” (Download PDF)

Volume XXII: Book 1


A State Law Approach to Preserving Fair Use in Academic Libraries (Download PDF)

Multi-National Patent Litigation: Management of Discovery and Settlement Issues and the Role of the Judiciary (Download PDF)


Celebrity Endorsements in Non-Traditional Advertising: How the FTC Regulations Fail to Keep Up with the Kardashians (Download PDF)

A Nation of One? Community Standards in the Internet Era (Download PDF)